NOT TOO YOUNG Swiss Soul Alldayer 2021

Online Edition

Despite Corona, we are keen on celebrating with you, to share music and love at Edition 9 3/4 on Saturday, 6th March!

Normally, we would celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Soul Weekender on the first weekend in March. Due to the current situation, we have decided to postpone the anniversary to next year and this time to organise an Online Alldayer with you on Saturday, March 6th. Check «Event» for further info.

The much-adored vinyl from more than 3 decades of music history is played by DJs from all over Europe, and Black Music from the 60s to 80s is experienced and celebrated. Here soul meets funk, boogie, reggae / rocksteady and more. Classics of soul history such as Marvin Gaye & Co. are placed next to rarities that have never been heard before. The old is brought to life and vinyl plays the main role.

Whether cozy or crazy, prepare yourself for a varied day! Soon we'll see each other again in real life. We're really looking forward to it ...

Much Love,
your NTY crew
Emel, Henning & Cristina

MILLION THANKS for your big heart and support! 
Andreas Forster, Brian De-Honri, Daniel Lütolf, Daniel Odermatt, Daniela Küttel, Daniela Paolini, Emanuel Em, Fabian Bohl, Florian Matt, Hans-Christian Heinrichsen, Igor Shcherbakov, Ingvar Geirsson, Irma Bloetjes, Ján Kovacovic, John Berchtold, Judith Imfeld, Livia Naef, Luzius Bühler, Manuel Stadelmann, Manuel von Rotz, Mario Stübi, Marion Nolting, Mauro Paci, Miriam Sauser, Mirjam Gähler, Nathalie Kuhn, Nina Laky, Nora Hunkeler, Pit Müller, Rolf Albisser, Rolf Demuth, Ruth Rumeney, Saskia Mackeben, Silke Vega, Stefan Muff, Tobias Duss